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January 13, 2007


Disability Team

The new rules do not cite a specific percentage. Financial interest (whether it is 10% or 100%) is merely an inquiry that may indicate bias on behalf of the expert, especially if the vocational expert rules in the same fashion, citing the same jobs, repeatedly.

Representatives should confirm the credentials of all experts at a hearing; confirm that their licenses are current, that the resume is not puffed with distortions, and that there are no complaints or probationary restrictions on those licenses; lastly, you should ask what percent of an expert's revenue comes directly from social security, and if that revenue was terminated, how would the expert pay their bills. If ALJ's can cast dark shadows over the credibility of treating doctors, it is the responsibility of the representative to cast an equally dark shadow over the experts testifying at the hearing. This ground work is paramount for federal court challenges.


Have these new rules about the10% rule been promulgated? Please advise.

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